Enhance ultrasound with Artifical Intelligence

Nhance is a non-profit community that creates free AI tools for ultrasound interpretation.


Enhance quality of care for everyone.

Nhance is a NGO focused on making healthcare accessible for everyone thanks to AI.


Enhance your impact on the future of medicine.

Nhance is looking for ultrasound-skilled medical practioners and engineers.



Nhance : a NGO and a medical community.

Our members are ultrasound experts training an AI.
We work with the Deep Learning Experts of Deepomatic.

  • Anonymization We only work with completely anonymized data thanks to the tool we developed.
  • Annotation platform Our community of experts annotate ultrasound images on a collaborative platform.
  • Computation Engine We use Deepomatic computation platform to build our interpretation algorithms.
  • Smartphone app We are working on an app for immediate interpretation of ultrasound data.

Ultrasound imaging : a revolution

Two thirds of the world don't have access to imaging. Mobile ultrasound will change that.

Why is Nhance a NGO ?

We think only a NGO can distribute the benefits of AI to everyone.

  • Benefit everyone including the 2/3 of the world who don't have access to medical imaging yet.
  • Network effects The bigger the community, the better our algorithms perform.
  • No machine dependence We want to build tools that are compatible with every ultrasound machine.
  • Non-profit Those who need it the most can access it.

Meet the team

Our team mixes physicians and engineers with the same values.

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    Dr. Anne-Laure Rousseau Vascular physician &

    Anne-Laure is a vascular physician in Paris, France. She had the idea for the project back in 2015 during her studies in ultrasound imaging.
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    Dr. Mariama Bah Emergency physician & Head of Community

    Mariama has been an emergency physician for 9 years and met Anne-Laure during her ultrasound degree.
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    Dr. Albane Dandolo Oncology physician & Head of Administration

    Albane's work is focusing on the potential of AI to help diagnose cancer early and save more lives.
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    Thibaut Duguet Head of AI

    Thibaut is a Ecole des Mines alumni and has a broad knowledge in managing AI projects.
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    Rémi Rousseau Technology advisor

    Rémi is a Ecole Polytechnique alumni and the founder of two medtech startups and has extensive knowledge in mixing engineering digital with medical.

Our advisors

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    Pr. Eric de Kerviler Head of radiology at Hospital St Louis

    Pr De Kerviler is the Head of radiology department at Hospital Saint Louis (Paris) and Professor of radiology at Paris-Diderot university.
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    Pr Jean-François Meder Head of radiology at Hospital St Anne

    Pr Meder is the head of radiology at Hospital St Anne, head of the French Society of Radiology and Professor of Radiology at the Paris-Descartes University
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    Me Adrien Basdevant Lawyer & and legal AI expert

    Mr Basdevant is Member of the Paris Bar, partner at Lysias and a legal expert on digital law and policy projects

Our partners

Our partners support us in going forward.


Some numbers about our challenges and opportunities.

  • 6B Smartphones in the world by 2020.
  • 1000M more ultrasound exams Our broad estimation of exams that are needed today.
  • 21 medical specialities concerned by point of care ultrasound (NEJM, 2011, Moore et al.).
  • 67% of the world population doesn't have access to proper medical imaging today (WHO).

Join us to save millions of lives

We are looking for great medical and technical talent
Don't hesitate to reach us.


AI can transform ultrasound into the most convenient and the most affordable imaging tool ever conceived. Nhance is an important step in that direction. Eric de Kerviler, Md PhD, Head of Radiology department, Hospital St Louis

AI will bring an incredible tool to radiologists to enhance the relevance of their interpretations and to help them spend more time with patients. Jean-François Meder, Md PhD, President of the French Society of Radiology